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Fast fashion in dog’s fashion

Slow dog fashion vs. fast dog fashion

Buy less, choose well, make it last. In the most basic words, fast fashion is a mass manufacturing and designing high volumes of clothing. The mass production goes hand in hand with low quality clothing, using artificial materials, decline of homeland manufacturing and is extremely environmentally disastrous. Fast-fashion has definitely become a well-discussed topic in the world, but the data shows that the production has not been decreased yet. 

Fast-fashion market in China is still evolving and it remains as the largest source of merchandise in the world. Sometimes it may feel like people put price over the quality. Fast-fashion pieces are usually much cheaper and offer a wider range of products. But what else do we “support” by buying this type of fashion? A humanitarian crisis – workers in China are not legally protected from harmful working conditions. Workers face drastic danger and serious health risks and problems by working in such conditions. The materials they work with may also be harmful, like silica dust or lead. People in China also experience forced labor resulted with poor wages. 

China also produces immense number of dog’s clothing. As we mentioned in the previous blog post, it is very important to be careful about choosing the right material for your dog (based on the breed and weather conditions in the country you live in). Many dogs suffer from consequential skin conditions like parasites, seborrhea, bacterial or fungal infections or allergies, and you need to keep that in mind. 

Nowadays you can find dog’s clothing in almost all of the fast-fashion stores close to all of you (H&M, Zara, Forever21). People treat their dogs like their kids – we want them to be as fashionable as we are. But it is only our choice to make, where we buy the clothing; both for us and our little best friends. 

Always choose wisely. If you choose European-made brand, like ours, you do not only support domestic economy and higher quality of clothing, but you can be sure that employees are unforced to work, get paid properly and work in healthily conditions. Europe has always been considered as credible rule maker and source of quality products. They are also more expensive because the production gets expensive – labour, energy, raw materials. 

So what else do we care about? 

  • High quality – carefully selected fabrics (towards to both nature and dogs), important fabrics characteristics: durability, softness, lightness
  • Sustainability – sustainable products help allow nature to be protected – they last a long time 
  • Elegance – simple and minimalist. We always put comfort first but still make the final product look stunning without putting unnecessary details on
  • Comfort 
  • Practical and useful – helps to prevent getting dirty, making mess in the car or at home after dogs playing outside

Custom and individual made – we understand that each dog is unique when it comes to size and weight. On our website you can easily find a tutorial how to properly measure you dog. That way you can be sure our clothing will fit perfectly

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