Dog fashion: clothes that help to stay healthy

Do dogs like wearing clothes?

Do dogs like wearing clothes? This is certainly a question that comes to out minds while seeing all those cute dog’s clothes. We all love our dogs, that is for sure, so we do not want them to feel uncomfortable. If you’re still not sure about whether you should or shouldn’t buy clothing for your little friend, read the following;

Each dog is different. It does not only depend on the breed you have, but also the climate you live in. While choosing the perfect clothing for you dog, make sure you measure your dog properly, so it does not limit the dog’s movement. Dog has to have the full ability to breath, bark, play, roll around, ran an so on. You can be absolutely sure that your dog feels great in the clothing, once they continue doing all the things they would normally do without them wearing the clothes. 

The behavior of your dog is a key for understanding. When you see your dog chewing parts of the clothing, scratching or biting, it may indicate that they are not feeling well with the clothes on. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your dog to get used to wearing clothes. Try it day by day, put on a clothing for 10 minutes the first day, 30 minutes another day and then have a whole walk outside with the clothes on. Dogs are smart creatures, once they get use to it, they will wait by the door before the walk to get dressed up! If don’t, please, let your dog have it the way he wants – without clothing. 

Dog’s clothing should be easy to put on and take off without hurting your pet. Materials are also extremely important – should be very soft and not too warm. You can find the best choices on our website

We use only the highest quality material, custom-made fashion and with love. With our brand you never need to worry about you dog’s safety or comfort. It’s already taken care of. 

What dogs are most likely to fall in love with clothing? The dogs with thin coats or fur are more likely to like clothing. Smaller and lighter breeds are usually very comfortable in sweaters, coats or raincoats. There is not a given temperature, when you dog starts to get cold, but those may be the symptoms: shaking, tucked tail, change of behavior, barking, seeking for shelter, lifts paws off the ground.

Be careful with rain. Freezing outside may not be the only reason your dog gets sick. Rain is harmful as well – cold and wet weather can lead to inflammation of your dog’s respiratory track, even to pneumonia. Dogs can also face biological or chemicals hazards during rainy weather. Our raincoats serve as a perfect protection against getting sick. They are made from water-resistant and warm material.

What about sunny days? Linen coveralls will be your dog’s best friend during the sunny days. They are silent, light, natural and fully breathable. Prevents from getting ticks.

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