Best Dog Raincoats “CiuCiu” rules define the conclusion of the purchase agreement and the obligations of the parties.

1. Basic provisions

Seller rules (Rules) describes BuyersΒ and Sellers rights and responsibilities related with operations on this eshop belonging to MB Einam laukan (further it will be named like CiuCiu)

Buyer agrees with these Rules if makes an order.

1.2. Dog clothes are made to order most of the time, further in these Rules, dog clothes meaning is Custom dog clothes tailoring services.

1.3. We use third part services for Shipping.

2. Conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement

2.1. The purchase and sale agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded when the Buyer has formed a shopping cart in the e-shop, provided the delivery address, selected the payment method and read these Rules, clicks the “Order” button and is valid until full fulfillment of obligations under this agreement. In cases where the Buyer does not agree with all or part of the Rules, he must not place an order.

3. Seller’s Rights

3.1. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change these Rules by publishing the amended Rules on the e-shop website. The amendments become effective for all post-publication transactions from the date of publication.

3.2. The seller has the right to purchase the services of third parties for the production and delivery of his goods. However, you are not responsible for any disruptions to the Shipping Services that you cannot influence in any way.

3.3. The Seller has other rights provided for in the Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

4. Responsibilities of the Seller

4.1. The Seller undertakes to make efforts to enable the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the e-shop. The seller does not provide any guarantee that the e-shop will operate continuously or that the data transmission will be error-free. The Seller shall not be liable for any losses of the Buyer related to the malfunction of the e-shop and / or data transmission errors.

4.2. The Seller, in case of significant circumstances, unable to provide the Buyer with the ordered goods, undertakes to offer an analogous product, and the Buyer, refusing to accept the analogue of the goods, to return the money paid by the Buyer within 10 working days. In this case, the Seller is released from liability for non-delivery of the goods.

4.3. Seller is responsible to choose shipping services according to quality and price. If Buyer pays the shipping, Buyer can choose Shipping company, otherwise Seller chooses self.

4.4. Seller is responsible to provide tracking codes.

5. Buyer’s rights

5.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods in the e-shop in accordance with these Rules and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

5.2. The goods purchased by the buyer (consumer) are replaced and returned at the written request of the consumer, a document confirming the purchase-sale from the seller is attached to the request. Quality goods exchanged are returned within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods, if the goods were not manufactured to individual order. The Buyer who has purchased quality goods has the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale of goods with the Seller only if the goods are in the original packaging, have not been damaged and its appearance has not substantially changed. The deadline set by the Civil Code applies to the return of defective goods, during which the buyer may file claims for defects in the goods.

5.3. Buyer has a right to ask to change Shipping company if Buyer pays for the shipping.

6. Obligations of the Buyer

6.1. The buyer must pay the price of the goods and their delivery (in express shipping cases), as well as other payments (if such are specified when concluding the contract) and accept the ordered goods. The Buyer pays for the goods in the banks specified by CiuCiu or in cash (only in Lithuania) upon delivery of the goods to the authorized representative of the courier service.

6.2. If the data provided in the Buyer’s registration form changes, the Buyer must update them immediately.

6.3. The Buyer must confirm the payment order in the Buyer’s bank on the Internet, to which a link from the e-shop is provided (in case the Seller has concluded a relevant agreement with the Buyer’s bank). The goods selected by the Buyer are reserved and the Seller undertakes to execute the purchase-sale agreement only when the Seller receives a notification from the Buyer’s bank for the payment for the selected goods.

6.4. The Buyer must comply with other requirements established in the Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

7. General Liability

7.1. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. The buyer accepts responsibility for the consequences of incorrect or inaccurate data provided in the registration form.

7.2. The parties shall be liable for the violation of the purchase and sale agreement concluded using the electronic store in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.3. Taking into account Article 8 of the Law on Electronic Signature of the Republic of Lithuania. 3 d. the Buyer agrees with the Seller that the confirmation of the Buyer’s actions in the e-shop with the login data (identification code) of the e-shop has Article 8 of the Law on Electronic Signature. 1 d. the established legal force of the electronic signature (i.e. has the same legal force as the signature in written documents and is allowed as a means of proof in court). The buyer must protect and not disclose his / her login details to the e-shop, ensure that the data is known only to himself / herself and uses the data only by himself / herself, and does not transfer or otherwise make it possible for other persons to access or use the data. If there is a suspicion that the login details may have become known to another person, immediately notify the Seller, as well as immediately inform the Seller about the violation or disclosure of the login details of the e-shop. All actions performed using the Buyer’s identification code are considered performed by the Buyer, and the Buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences of such actions.

7.4. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided on the websites of other companies, even if the Buyer accesses these websites via links in the Seller’s e-shop.

7.5. The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods displayed in the e-shop do not correspond in their color, shape or other parameters to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the monitor used by the Buyer.

7.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party for the direct damage caused by its fault.

8. Processing of personal data and sending of information

8.1. By clicking the “Order” button, the Buyer confirms that he and his representatives (the Buyer has the consent of his representatives) agree to provide the Seller with his personal data and does not object to the Seller processing the personal data provided by the Buyer and / or his representatives. for the identification, conclusion, execution (online trade) and direct marketing of agents. The Seller states that the personal codes of the Buyer (if this is a natural person) and its representatives for the purpose of direct marketing will not be processed by the Seller.

8.2. Both registered and unregistered members will be sent a newsletter by clicking the “Subscribe to Newsletter” button, then the customer will automatically start receiving newsletters, which they can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter. The Seller sends all information messages to the e-mail address provided in the Buyer’s order form.

8.3. The Buyer sends all notices and questions using the data provided at the top of the Seller’s e-shop (e-mail info@ciuciu.lt).

8.4. By clicking the “Order” button, the Buyer confirms that he (if the Buyer is a natural person) and his representatives are informed about their right to access their personal data processed by the Seller and how they are processed, demand to correct, destroy their personal data or suspend their personal data. data processing actions, when data are processed in violation of the provisions of the law, not to consent to the processing of their personal data.

8.5. By clicking the “Order” button, the Buyer confirms that he and his representatives know the right to refuse to provide their personal data, but understands that personal data is necessary and necessary to unambiguously identify the Buyer and / or his representatives when concluding contracts, executing contracts ) and without the provision of personal data and / or consent to their processing for the above purposes will not be able to conclude and / or perform the contract.

9. Final provisions

9.1. The Buyer and the Seller agree that all information provided on the Seller’s e-shop website (including, but not limited to, these Rules, information about the Seller, offered goods and services and their features, the Buyer’s right to withdraw from the purchase and sale agreement, services and warranties (if any)) shall be deemed to have been provided to the Buyer in writing.

9.2. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the purchase and sale agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall be settled by negotiation. If no agreement is reached, disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

CiuCiu rules define the conclusion of the purchase agreement and the obligations of the parties

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