New colour – blue westie raincoat is back. Plaid details for Scottish style.

Perfect comfortable custom made blue overall waterproof raincoat with snood for rainy dog for a walks and westie parades, Scottish kilt meetings.

Beautiful blue waterproof dog raincoat with red plaid details creates wonderful “chanel” style. 
Nice blue and plaid colours creates nice contrast. Dog raincoat colours are chosen to hide dirt as much as possible. 

Plaid fabric is high quality viscose. Inside – natural lining, antistatic, soft and pleasant touch – cupra (its cotton but looks like silk).

Waterproof blue fabric is polyester, soft and does not have ugly sound. Please pay attention, that now I use the one blue fabric that is in first picture, its a little bit brighter then I used before, you see it in last pictures where snood is blue or red plaid.

Raincoat in this listing is waterproof designed with cupra lining, plaid details and snood. Please ask for customisation, many extra things can be discussed without extra payment. 

Adjustable parts: 
1. legs length
2. chest/body/neck/belly around

When ordering, please add dog measures in notes:
1. Back length (you should start where neck and body is making angle, when head is higher up, and you should end measuring where tail and body is making an angle when tail is up, please check last photo)
2. Chest circumference (put measuring tape right after armpits, there should be the widest part of body)
3. Neck circumference (try to get as low as possible, to measure the thickest part of neck)

Here is video showing how to measure your pup:

Safe zip over back. Extra peace of fabric is protecting fur from getting stuck in zip. Zip is long lasting, easy to put on take off. 

Please choose snood colour when ordering.

Raincoat is comfortable to move, breathable fabric lets to sweat and enjoy for a walks.

After coming home you will need to clean only dog paws and curious little nose. 
Thats amazing, as dogs usually are not happy to bath every day, right?

It is custom, handmade in smoke-free and pet-friendly home. 

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