Dog tick protection without chemicals

Everyone talks about it, writes. We tell you as we understand it. You do not have to follow us. Equally, you shouldn’t judge, because we all know what’s best for our puffs. 
Today, with so many bad things going on in our world, we cannot forget the well-being of our little pets. They go through it all with us. Thanks to Dina’s surgery, visiting a veterinary clinic initially daily I have learned practically all of today’s dog health issues. In recent days, I’ve started hearing unhappy stories about ticks and the diseases they cause.  I always look for natural ways to protect my pups from these parasites.

I created my BEST DOG RAINCOATS brand in response to the need to protect my white dogs from dirt and rain during the wet cold season. Over time I have noticed that I can offer solutions to other problems as well. We love forests especially in summer time. But this caused us many issues: dirt, ticks, various stuff stucked in hair (we love to rub). This is how linen overalls were created. This is a great protection not only against ticks, but also from direct sunlight, summer dust and dirt.
No matter how skeptical it sounds, linen overalls (you can order them from our shop) are quite effective against ticks. Primarily because of the coatability of the coat. The more the body is covered, the harder it is for ticks to get on the dog’s skin, making it harder to suck in. Secondly, many legends have been written about the fact that ticks do not like flax/linen as such. For those who do not like chemicals and try to protect themselves and their pets as naturally as possible, any option will seem acceptable just to reduce the risk of ticks. Extra protection in any case. Third, the flax coverall can be spread with lavender, eucalyptus or lemon essential oils, which ticks are not very fond of. You can use the roller you use to collect dust and hair from clothes instead of spraying. You can even spray on the roller and take it to the forest, so you can renew protection and collect ticks at once. By the way, this remedy also helps protect against mosquitoes as well.
Several years ago we used and offered to you dry dog shampoo, which could also be used for dry bathing and protection against all parasites. But unfortunately its creator are no longer among us. We don’t have the equivalent of dry bathing yet, but we have a wonderful groomer that dry bathing is no longer a necessity. Evelina takes care of our fur so good that even at home there are almost no hair, westie hair are beautiful longer and have very little digestion, skin is not dry and hair is shiny. 
So the new wonder we discovered is BIOCOS academy’s protective aromatherapy spray for dogs (let me know if you want to try it out, I will give you details how to buy it, its made in Lithuania). Its active ingredients are nymph oil, aloe vera juice, essential oils of lemongrass, citronella, lavender, satin cedar and lemongrass eucalyptus.
How amazing is this composition? Let me mention a few benefits. Nimbam tree oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which is needed to restore the skin’s moisture balance, disinfect or regenerate the skin. So the nozzle will be great after sunbathing, skin bite irritation, excessive, dry skin for various reasons.
Aloe vera has intensely moisturizing, irritating, damaged, itchy skin calming properties. So if dogs skin needs help, this spray will help calm it down until you find the problem and its solution.
Nimbam tree oil and essential oil complex will help protect against unwanted insects and pests – fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. Spray the aromatherapy protective spray on the animal’s coat in case of dandruff, irritated skin. Also, use a spray before going out into nature – spray the animal’s coat well. 100% organic spray is safe for dogs of all ages. Careful, just don’t spray into dogs eyes!
By the way, I cwant to mention that hair combing daily keeps westie coat in perfect condition. Yeah. I was wondering why to comb if after few minutes hair looks like it was never combed. Combing stimulates dog skin. Stimulation causes fat release. Just like for us, but we, especially women, cannot tolerate when hair gets grease quickly. But look at the benefits of this grease for west highland white terriers. The fat that is released creates a protective layer for the skin and hair. Greasy hair are more resistant to dirt and dust. An oily layer on the skin protects dogs skin from environmental influences, other potential chemicals, dust, and keeps skin moisture balance. Just like us humans, for a healthy moisturizing skin, a protective layer of grease is needed to prevent moisture from evaporating and environmental irritants from penetrating to the skin itself.

Be healthy, beautiful, do not panic, take care of yourself and protect your little ones.

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