When my westies stare at me, what I do first is checking their water bowl, if its not empty. Next checking point, clock, maybe its time for breakfast, dinner, go outside. If those are all full-filled then I digger deeper. Lets do some digging together.

First of all it can be simple, your westie is seeking your attention. Not necessarily belly rub or invitation to play. It can be only a way to ask if you still notice that your westie is still here, by your side. Give your westie a lovely eye contact, pride with good words or pet. It can be all what is needed.

Maybe your dog got confused watching you? Were you making different voice, talking to yourself, doing something unordinary? Maybe your dog is just trying to figure out what you can want from them. They want to be sure they will not miss anything useful for them or simply curious about something unusual you are doing. Be polite, explain your dog what is going.

Can it be that your dog is lost, confused, does not know how to react, what to do? it can be that your dog is asking for directions. When a dog stares for direction, it’s often because they are in the midst of training or some other kind of specific activity and want to know what to do next.

Some dogs possess an aggressive stare that essentially says, “Don’t mess with me” or “I’m going to take you out.” Before assuming that a dog’s stare is friendly, make sure you pay attention to the rest of their body language, or you could put yourself in harm’s way.

If none above is relative to your current situation, then congratulations. Dogs do stare because they love you, admire you and cant get their eyes of you, yes, just like people. Enjoy if its the case.

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  1. Hello
    Do you have any pointers on how to travel in a vehicle with your Westie. My pup burros her head and cannot look out the window when we’re on the highway, she ok driving slowly.
    Are all Westies like this??

  2. My girl used to be same: afraid of highway. So I took her on my laps, or human net to me took her on laps. It took some time but she got used to this. Som maybe you need more traveling practice, try to play while driving, and as soon puppy relaxes and does not pay attention she/he is driving, give a treat. That worked for me, but have in mind, it can take few months to practice often and consistently.

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