Do you feel like dogs are restricting your life?
Does it seems like you cant to do something because you have a dog or even more then one?
Do you want to do something  but you cant as you have a dog?
Please stay with me and read my story. Hope it will let you change your feeling.

I was always a dog person, I wanted to be always every time everywhere with my dog. I could not plan any trip, any activity if my dog was not involved. I had conflicts with my boyfriend because of this. He wanted to fly, I always refused as I could not take my dog (Dina was about 8kg so I could not take her to cabin and I could not even imagine her in that dark cold luggage place brrr…). I am happy I stayed to this understanding. But I must admit I changed my view to this situation. 

Today I can plan activities without my dogs, if its not longer then one day. My dogs always sleep with me or my sister, friend, mom. Never alone. I take my dogs with me to every trip. Please tell me, what kind of trip is that if its impossible to take dog(s)? I like being outdoors, hate museums, love traveling with my car, I like nature, free style of traveling without plan, easy going. And its perfect for my dogs as well. So why should I leave them home? I can carry my both westies to any mountain, they can sit on my laps 5 hours, I can stop in every forest to let them run free. 

When I started to write this article, I thought it will turn out that my life is suitable for dogs. As further as more I understand that it was adopted so my dogs would fit in it perfectly. But anyway… Who cares, if I feel ok with both variations. Yes I am a dog person, and I love life where my dogs fit in. If I am not going crazy about dogs, but, honestly, why a dog should not be allowed? Dogs usually act better then people, owners are responsible for their dogs, if owner takes his/her dogs with him/her it means dogs are more or less used to this and there is nothing to worry about.

Yes, I adjusted my life to dogs.. I had to divorce, change home, some friends, work, hobbies.. That was my way of life living. I finally admitted it and now I do not feel odd living my usual life but with dogs. My work is making dog clothes, my hobby is taking dog photos, I love going for a long walks with my dogs, I love writing and I started this blog and its about dogs again. My home is full of doggy stuff: 8 dog beds, toys everywhere, fabrics for dog clothes, books about dogs, their training and photography. I like how it all turned out, I feel complete doing it all. ​​


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