My 11 year old girl had quite rough paws. I searched for heeling options. As always I wanted natural as much as possible. A friend tried protective balsam from natural ingredients:
natural unrefined coconut, sesame, sea buckthorn, almond oils, beeswax, vitamin E.
It sounded perfect. We tried it too.
Balsam protects puppy’s feet from harmful factors such as pollution, salt, heat and dry air. Natural oils nourish and soften the skin while beeswax creates a protective layer. Balsam easily absorbs into the skin and leaves no greasy sensation. It is all natural so no problem if dogs lick it off. But if to massage a little bit into paws, there is nothing to lick of. 
In photo above you see my 11 year old girls paw after first balsam application. Paws became softer right away. After few applications they were soft even before applying.
We apply balsam after we wash paws, every time we come back home from outside. We wash paws with hard soap, from same all things natural company Biocos.  Not expensive, super natural, allowed to lick, really doing its work.

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