Dog socialization

Until my girls became friends a year passed or even more. So dont be upset if you new couple is not ok ith each other or other dogs right away. Give some time.
​I wanted to ensure that my elder dog is feeling fine and that puppy is learning correct things. So I read a lot about socialization at home. But socialisation outside the house is not less important. We love to go for dinner together, it is good exercise for patience and dog tolerance. Probably Dina was five or six years old when she started to behave like a dream dog. My Lilly is only three. So I am sure I need more time. Now when we sit at caffe no dog can pass by. Crazy. But I teach myself patience to go it all through. It will only get better with time. I am sure its important to visit as much new places as possible, so that puppy gets used to being in new places.

Socializing your dog is when you start preparing your pup to enjoy and have positive experiences with different environments and other animals, people and activities.
Socialization is such an important part of your pups relaxed life. Socialized dogs are typically happier, more approachable and able to handle stress better.
​Dogs that are not as socialized can become shy, anxious, and sometimes even aggressive out of fear because they don’t have the social skills to deal with new situations or people.

Adult dogs that haven’t been exposed to other dogs from a young age can get anxious in dog park settings.

Walking your dog daily allows them to see and meet other furry friends. You’re more likely to see people and other dogs while you’re on a walk than you are sitting at home with your pup.
Always remain calm and assertive when your dog is meeting other people or animals. If you see behavior that needs correcting; don’t be afraid to distract and correct them with a quick tug on the leash.
Also, praise your canine when they have a favorable interaction. Stay positive with every encounter! Your dog feeds off of your energy.

You’ll want to continue to expose your pooch to different social settings and experiences their whole life. Socializing them as a puppy and through to adulthood is one of the best ways to ensure that they become a confident, stress free adult.
Remember, don’t force your dog into any situation they don’t want to be in, stay positive and always have treats on you!
It’s never too late to polish their social skills!


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