Top Dog Names

We noticed so many new members to your families, so we decided to prepare dog name list which would help you choose a name for your puppy. We check online, our orders, your messages and posts to list all most popular and unique names people give to their puppies. Let us know if you chose different, or maybe you found yours on the list?

Trending names are not the only option, just think about it: your dogs is going to live many many years and it will be no matter how trendy your dogs name is after few years. Better choose your favourite and few tips may help you choose best name that could serve a bit more then only as a name.

top dog names for girls and boys by first letter

So how to choose best name for your dog:

– think of dogs personality: King, Star, Princess…

– be careful with long names, why? Imagine your dog ran away to chase squirrells right close to the road. And you want to call him back right away, and that looong name which you even can forget when stressed out. Believe me, it really can happen.

– people say its great if a dog name is short and has some strong consonant like j, g, r.. 

– check if your name can sound like a command. Like Joe sounds like No.. Thay can lead you too into confusion when training.

– get few names and let it out for testing. The name will be used as long as dog lives with you, so better be sure you wanna pronounce that word million zillion times a day.

– anyway, don’t forget its not all so serious as it might seem. Relax and let your mind choose whatever name you feel both ok with, even if its long or difficult, too popular or rare, its yours. By the way, you will give him/her many more names together with the original one: so dont worry, you will get creative later and your dog will have lots of names that will represent his/her personality, attitude, naughty moments, happy moments..



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