Corgie Clothes

Custom dog coats go to Corgies. They have really unique body shape and they can not share clothes with other breeds. Corgies are long body shape dogs with belly close to ground. It is very important to fit clothes, otherwise clothes will be wipes the ground and not covering corgie hair from dirt and humidity.

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Corgi Clothes: Built for the “Low Rider”

Corgis, with their short legs and long bodies, are true head-turners. They embody the phrase “low set, strong, and sturdy” as described by the breed standard. Their unique build, with a long torso close to the ground, requires clothing specifically designed for their comfort and movement.

At CiuCiu®, we understand that standard dog clothes just won’t do for your Corgi. Our Corgi clothes are crafted with special patterns to accommodate their elongated body and short legs. This ensures a perfect fit that stays comfortably clear of the ground, keeping your furry friend clean and dry during walks or adventures.

Key Features of Our Corgi Clothes:

  • Belly can not be too loose: Prevents the clothing from dragging on the ground and keeps the belly area clean.
  • Any back length: Ensures a comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement or bunch up.
  • Safe back zip: Zip provides an easy dressing process and its protection restricts fur from getting stuck in zip.
  • Light but waterproof materials: Keep your Corgi dry and clean without compromising comfort and style.

Shop with Confidence

Our Corgi clothes are designed to flatter your dog’s unique build while providing essential comfort and protection. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your special “low rider.”

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