Love playing with your dog rough?

We all love to play rough with our cute puppies right?

And more over we do it without any toy in our hands.

Well there are few mistakes here that can lead to problems later, but as far as you are able to controls when to stop, its ok.

First off all its best to play with your puppy with a toy, not naked hand. At least while its a puppy. Just to tech your dog that its not ok to play with hand. Its is very good advice if you have kids at home. Just imagine how your kid can get scared if your dog will ask to play by biting kids hand, even if its playful and gentle.

Or like us, when we go for a walk, my girl used to steel gloves from passing by kids. Oh my..

Every time you play rough with your puppy, make boundaries. Make a pause every time puppy is too much excited and bites too hard. Pause is best trigger for dog to stop biting as dog wants to continue playing and when you stop it gives a signal to dog that something was done wrong.

You can use pause in many cases, by the way – be creative.

Next thing – slow down playing and tell stop, enough or any other command you both use every day. Give a gentle touch, pet your dog and give a clear sign the game is over. It should be your routine any time you play.

Any dog can act as you wish if you put some time and effort to teach your living style.

Enjoy your friendship.

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