Dog’s fashion

Dog clothing types and functions

It is not only humans dressing up anymore. Already in the early times of Ancient Egypt, people started to put on collars (sometimes decorated with gold and diamonds) on their dog’s throats to depict the nobility of the civilization. Also dogs from military enforcement used to wear clothing as prevention from getting scratches, cuts, bruises and infection. Who says we can not make our dogs feel noble and safe? 

CiuCiu is a brand that truly cares about the dogs – the goal of dog’s clothing is to make dogs feel comfortable and stylish with an extra ability to stave off being cold outside or getting wet in the rain. One of the major advantages of this brand is that each and every piece of the clothing is handmade in Lithuania in customizable size. The brand uses only quality and thoroughly chosen material. We support sustainable fashion not only when it comes to our dog’s clothing. Stay tuned for the other revelations. 

What types of clothing you can find on our website? 

  • Rain coveralls – material is water resist, very silent fabric, has light reflects for safety reasons with adjustable fastening. Dog will stay warm and covered in this one. Ideal for cold weather walks in not the most pleasant conditions
  • Coats – since our brand is fully customizable, you can choose whether you want your dog’s coat made of warm Scottish material, denim material, faux leather or even waterproof. We guarantee that no matter what the material is, the final garment will look stylish, but above all, the dog will be covered in superior quality clothing with perks of feeling comfy
  • Fleece sweaters – the material used for our cutest sweaters is polyester: high quality polar fleece at weight 280-320 grams. Ideal for regular daily wearing
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