Westies love being outdoors

Its such a pleasure to have a common minded dog living with you. I love being outdoors and my westies love it too, any weather, any time of day, night or day, lets go goo gooo.
Even more fun when we find cosy places to explore as I love to take photos of my girls, and they don’t mind to sit still for a sec as lots of compliments and petting they get for that.
Usually we explore woods and parks in our area. Sometimes we travel somewhere far away (for example trip to Zakopane, 800km south from our city together with a friend who lives 900km north. Big trip, but photos.. no words.. I will do a post about this trip one day).
This time we remembered this cute small cosy nature park with water cascades. A river running through that place, old greenish trees, path… Great place to do some sniffing and of course to take some great shots. I think we will be back here with raincoat photoshoot, perfect place for that.
​Enjoy looking at our photos. Let us know if you like it.

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