Westie Clothes

The Original Inspiration. CiuCiu®  Westie clothing collection is where it all began! These dog clothes are designed with the specific needs of West Highland White Terriers in mind, offering a perfect fit that keeps their white fur clean and dry. From cozy sweaters to playful innovations – you’ll find everything you need to keep your Westie looking their best.

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Designed for the Westie Silhouette

Westies, with their charming personalities and iconic white coats, are a true joy to own. But finding clothes that flatter their unique build can be a challenge. Here at CiuCiu®, our story began with a love for these special dogs, and a frustration with ill-fitting garments.

That’s why our Westie clothes are designed specifically for their body type. Westies are known for their short stature and round bodies. Standard dog clothes often are too long if you want to fit they body in.

CiuCiu® Makes the Perfect Fit

CiuCiu® Westie clothing features a custom pattern that addresses these challenges. We offer a comfortable fit that:

  • Accommodates a short round body for a flattering and non-restrictive feel.
  • Features a shorter back length to prevent bunching and keep your Westie’s belly clean.
  • Showcases their elegant silhouette without compromising comfort or movement.

From Playful to Practical

Our Westie collection offers a variety of styles to suit your furry friend’s personality. Whether you’re looking for cozy sweaters to keep them clean and dry or raincoats to protect their pristine coat, CiuCiu® has everything you need.

Shop with Confidence

We understand Westies are special dogs, and they deserve clothes that are just as special. CiuCiu® Westie clothing provides the perfect blend of comfort, style, and protection, keeping your Westie looking and feeling their best on every adventure.

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