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Wrinkly Faces, Wrinkly Needs. Pugs may have adorable wrinkles, but keeping them clean and protected can be a challenge. Our Pug clothes offer the perfect solution! Made with soft, breathable fabrics, CiuCiu® dog clothes help prevent dirt and moisture from getting trapped in their wrinkles, while keeping them warm and comfortable.

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Beyond the Wrinkles: Clothes Designed for the Pug Life

Pugs capture our hearts with their charming personalities and adorable wrinkles. Here at CiuCiu®, we understand the unique needs of the Pug breed.

Our Pug clothes go beyond keeping them cute – they offer a practical solution for keeping your furry friend comfortable and healthy.

Built for the “Square and Cobby”

The Pug’s standard describes them as “muscular and rectangular in shape.” This “square and cobby” build, while adorable, can be a challenge when it comes to finding clothes that fit well. Standard dog clothes can be too long or restrictive for a Pug’s unique body type.

CiuCiu® Pugs: Comfort and Care

CiuCiu® Pug clothes are designed with this unique build in mind. We offer features that ensure a comfortable fit:

  • Shorter back length: Prevents bunching and keeps your Pug’s wrinkles clean.
  • Long thin legs: with adjusters.
  • Wide neck, short shoulder still keeping clothing in place.
  • Adjustable features: Allow for a customized fit around the chest and neck for maximum comfort.
  • Soft, breathable fabrics: Keep your Pug warm and comfortable without trapping moisture in their wrinkles.

More Than Just Clothes

CiuCiu® Pug clothes are an investment in your Pug’s health and happiness. With the right clothing, you can keep your Pug’s wrinkles clean, prevent skin irritation, and ensure they stay warm and cozy on chilly days.

Shop with Confidence

We offer a variety of styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your special Pug. Explore our collection and discover the comfort and care your Pug deserves!

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