Basenji Clothes

Basenjis are known for their athletic build and sleek, short fur. Our Basenji clothes are designed with this unique body shape in mind, featuring a tailored fit that allows for full freedom of movement without restricting their gait. These custom Basenji clothes provide essential warmth and protection for your Basenji, while celebrating their elegant body shape.

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Built for the “Yodelling Hound”

Basenjis, also known as the “Yodelling Hound,” have a distinctive build unlike other dogs. Their short backs, high tail set, and athletic build require special considerations when it comes to clothing.

At CiuCiu®, we understand this. Our Basenji clothes are crafted with specific patterns that accommodate their unique physique. This ensures a comfortable, unrestricted fit that moves with your Basenji during walks, playtime, or adventures.

Key Features of Our Basenji Clothes:

  • Chest is lower then belly: Provides freedom for elimination and avoids uncomfortable bunching on belly part.

  • Tailored fit: Designed for a short back and high tail carriage and long jumps for a natural range of motion.

  • Light materials: Allow for comfortable movement and playtime activities.

  • Breathable fabrics: Perfect for keeping your Basenji warm without overheating.

Shop with Confidence

Our Basenji clothes are designed to flatter your dog’s natural elegance while providing essential comfort and protection. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your unique Basenji.

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