Breath in your day off, breath out your whole week. Whatever it was – let it go, whatever it brings – choose only best off it and accept. Love and be loved.

It is always interesting to listen motivational videos about how to live your life in best shape, how to enjoy, how to love, how to….

I have been struggling a little bit in my life for few years.. and these videos confused me more then made it easier. Why?

Because I forgot one thing. Those videos help us about our feeling, emotions, not about our life rules. These videos help us to survive if happened something that is against our life rules.

You know what, we don’t have to accept it, but we must learn to get it through with grace and relaxed mind.

Geting through does not mean we accept everything what happened, it means we choose what respects our values and life meaning, and still go further with relaxed mind, anyway we are satisfied or not.
We learn everytime, we learn to recognize, to choose, to value, to describe, to let go, to stay, to keep, to forget, to learn…

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