Rainblock Dog Jacket With Plaid Hood


Warm Rainblock dog jacket: cover your dog from dirt, rain and snow. Arms, front legs and plaid hood. Waterproof fabric Rainblock. Warm red fleece underlayer. Elastic cuffs on arms, around neck and stomach.

Arms, cuffs, hood

Dog clothes are made after order is done. Order processing time is 3-7 days.

Shipping time depends on preffered shipping method, situation in your country, nature conditions, post service traffics. Always with tracking. Please pay attention, that Covid, changed politics and nature acts big role in shipping time.

If you are in a rush,you can order expedited shipping.It means that your order is made first in a row and shipped with your preferred courier.


This product is only for medium size dogs, like westies, smaller spaniels, maltese's, scotties, cairns, bigger yorkies.. Smaller and bigger dog owners should contact us regarding custom order.

If you choose customisation it means your dogs is similar size like our size chart, but you wish to adjust the size even more accurate using exact dogs measures. But back length should be between 30 and 42 cm (11.5-16.5 in) and chest should be between 45 and 60 cm (17.5-23.5 in). Otherwise please choose custom order.

Link to instructions how to measure your dog


Product description

Closer:metal studs on chest.

Belly for girls is better covered. For boys till its safe to pee. Pattern is adjusted for each gender, no need to cut anything.

Adjusters: no. Size is not adjustable. Please choose closest size, we add some place for looseness.

Holes: if chosen, we do hole for harness about 6 cm down from collar by default.

Fabrics: Main fabric is waterproof silent soft fabric, breathable, Rainblock. Its has OEKO-TEX certificate (OEKO-TEX 100).

How to take care:wash in washing machine, temperature should not be higher then 40 celsius degrees or 110 Fahrenheit, tumbling till 900. Let it dry naturally. Its not necessary to wash it every time you come back home. You can wash it under running water, wipe it off, or shake off dried mud.


Body lenght

30, 33, 36, 39, 42


44-47, 47-50, 50-53, 53-56


Mergaitė, Berniukas


Rožinė, Geltona, Šviesiai pilka, Tamsiai pilka, Mėlyna, Raudona, Šviesiai mėlyna, Žalia, Oranžinė

Personalization +3€

Taip, Ne

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