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Dog Bowls, set of two with blue glaze



Finished with glaze in high combustion furnace. Set of two bowls: bigger and smaller. Blue glaze inside.

Ceramic dog bowl covered with glaze suitable for human food will not let bacteria to gather. Water will stay fresh longer. Unique design with blue glaze.

Dog bowl is decorated with dog paw inside the bowl. It is real dog paw stamp.

Created by clay master Goda Peleda. Its handmade, unique every peace. Maybe by CiuCiu order.

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Set of two bowls. Bigger and smaller.

Finish in high combustion furnace with blue glaze. Its not so fragile. You can wash it in dishwasher, preheat in microwave, oven.

Glaze suitable for human food.

Outside natural clay.

Rough edges give authenticity and naturalness.

Each is unique.


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