How to measure and what do all options mean

Do the measuring

Measure back length

Measure chest around

Compare your measures with standard sizes and choose the closest.

If you can not choose from wide range of sizes, choose custom. Look for closest size to your dogs size.

Choose size

Choose back length.

Keep in mind that it is maximum coverable back length. So better choose a little too long then too short.

Choose chest width.

For example, if your dog chest width is 50 cm, you can choose off two sizes 47-50cm and 50-53cm. Both sizes will fit, but smaller one will be closer to your dogs size, less loosenes, but enough to grow hair or gain some weight.

If you cant find suitable size

If you can not find suitable size among standard sizes, please choose customisation and insert your dogs measures.

Choose clothes type, colour and other options

Choose design and colour.

Choose gender.

Some clothes (like coats) are unisex.

But other designs are different for boys and girls. Boy design is adjusted to pee without interference. You do not need to cut any holes.

Girl design covers all stomach.

Choose if you need hole for harness

You can choose both or one of it, or none. Remember, you can always put collar or harness on top of clothes, but please consider if it will be comfortable for you and dog.
Harness hole is made 6 cm down from neck, next to zipp by default.
Hole for collar is made on neck part. Without this hole you will not be able to pull snood or hood on head when leash attached to collar.

Personalisation with name

It can be personalised with embroidered name tag.