There is description of production time at every product page. Please check there. Usually it is 3-7 work days if its not ready to ship.

Production time can take longer if we miss some information about your order. Please check, if you ordered custom size, we will need measures. Is your address correct? Phone number for currier added?

If you still have questions about production time, please contact us


We offer few options: standard shipping that can take 2-21 days is free, but with tracking code. Express shipping is 25 Euros (value usually 40 Eur). Express shipping also means that we take your order before all others.


Express shipping also means that we take your order before all others. Express shipping usually takes 1-5 work days (depends on various circumstances). We choose service provider according to offered time and price of delivery.

ECONOMY standard shipping

We deliver from Lithuania with Lithuanian post service. When delivery reaches your country it will be tracked with your local post services.

We chose this provider as it offered best price and quality of services. If you wish another post services, please order Express shipping.

We buy shipping services and we are not responsible for their service quality. But we do our best to choose best service provider and track your order till its reached.

If you never received your package, please contact us as soon as possible

Shoipping time depends on preferred shipping method, situation in your country, nature conditions, post service traffics. Always with tracking.

All packages have tracking codes.

Shipping time usually:

In EU countries: 5 – 10 working days

In non-EU countries: 5 – 25 working days

Please pay attention, that Covid, changed politics and nature acts big role in shipping time.

Express shipping value is 40 Eur and we cover part of it. It costs for you 25 eur.