Travelling: what to do with pets? Should you travel together by plane or by car, or maybe leave your pets at pet hotel?

Why is it so common for pet owners to cancel their travelling plans because of their pets?

This can be due to a lack of information, as well as the owner’s anxiety, which arises from the complex adaptation to changed circumstances, and the lack of preparation for the owner’s trips with pets. By taking a deeper and wider interest, we gain more understanding and less anxiety, we notice new opportunities and begin to make changes in our mind that open up new possibilities.

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Traveling with westie

Best travel buddies of course – westies.
My westies love to ride a car.
They go crazy at the beach.
They love watching world passing by through window.
I can take them easily to the caffe. 
My girls enjoy participating in photoshoots.
Best girls friends are not diamonds at all, only if you call westies diamonds.