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CiuCiu is like a cozy hug for your dog

Best dog raincoats CiuCiu stand for small dog clothes and medium size dog clothes: girl dog clothes and boy dog clothes have different patterns and you don’t have to cut anything.

Our dog fashion includes: dog raincoats, dog coats, dog jackets, dog hoodies, dog sweaters, dog vests, dog linen overalls, dog accessories such as dog harness

Practical dog winter clothes and useful dog clothes covering from dirt, rain, cold, wind, sun, ticks. We also have Scottish dog clothes to dress up for Christmas or family photo-sessions and other important occasions.

Made in Lithuania. Europe.

Best dog raincoats CiuCiu fabrics are silent, antistatic, helping to create protection not distraction or discomfort for your best friend.

Dog clothes patterns are created so that clothes are comfortable, easy to move and dress up. We keep improving patterns to make it more and more easy to put on.

We care that you spend less time while dressing up, taking care of your dog clothes. Best dog raincoats CiuCiu responsibility is to prolong meaningful time spent with your dog by reducing bathing, cleaning, visits to vets and shortening dressing up process.

Special dog clothes


Best dog raincoats CiuCiu created these dog overalls that are best for small size dogs and medium size dogs

Dog raincoats are overall dog clothes that cover most part of dog body.

Light, silent, comfortable to move, looking elegant, high quality fabrics and parts, easy to wash, adjustable and easy to put on overall dog raincoat.

Linen dog summer clothes are stylish, practical, comfortable and useful dog clotheshelping to keep your dogs health.

Linen dog clothes are light, breathable, natural, having no sound, comfortable to move. Linen clothes can be watered to give extra cooling effect for dog during hot days. 

Approved by many happy dogs all over the World


TV star, trick master/UK

Emma and Eve


Nisha and Nala










Snowflake Mountain


Harley and Lilly


Dog coats are easy to put on and have simple elegant design with few main details.

Around dog coat there is light reflective trimming which decorates and serves as extra visibility add on. It makes your dog more visible in dark. Passing by cars and bicycles will notice your dog better. 

Fleece dog sweaters and hoodies will protect your best friend from dirt, rain, snowballs, cold, wind. It is antistatic, keeps shape color and texture even after many washes. Comfy dog sweaters patterns will make your dog feel cozy. Various colors.

Best dog Raincoats dog jacket westie

Dog jackets are dog clothes that are light, and has no legs or long arms.

Fabric is water-resist.

So its dog raincoat in shape of dog jackets.

Dog vests made out of water-resist fabric with warm fleece underlayer.

Dog vests include dog coats and dog jackets made of water resist fabrics.

Some dog vests are decorated with light reflective embroidery. THE DOG and colorful polar fleece under-layer. Its special edition to say thank you to your best friend for being loyal and honest.


Can dog clothes be personalized with name?

Yes, we will sew on embroidered name on hood or collar. Vests The Dog are embroidered direct on jacket.

Can I choose custom size dog clothes?

Yes, you can choose custom dog clothes size. Patterns will be adjusted for your dog size.

Do you ship worldwide?

Taip, drabužius šunims siunčiame į visas pasaulio šalis.

Can I contact you regarding more information or help with measuring?

Yes, of course.

Can I see more examples of dog clothes, photos in use, testimonials?

Yes, please follow us on social media (links below) and you get tons of dog positivity. We have great Instagram content in English, useful information on Facebook in Lithuanian (auto translated), nice dog pictures on Pinterest, Best dog videos on YouTube. Feel free to join us there or take a look.

How can I know my dog size?

First off all you should measure your dog, then check our size table and see if you find your size or very similar one. If you cant find your size, you can always choose customized dog clothes.

Can I return, ask for corrections if something is wrong?

Yes of course. If you ordered custom size we will recheck your dog measures and fix the size until it fits. If its standard size, you can change size, of course.

Will my dog be ok with clothes?

It happens that dogs are afraid or not happy to dress up. That's why we recommend to dress only before going out (so your dog is sure that clothes are for going out). Moreover, dogs are not happy with wrong size clothes: be sure that tails is free to move to usual positions, that its not too tight on chest or armpits. You can always contact us regarding sizing or measuring. Most important - silent fabrics. If fabric is silent, dog will not be afraid to move as there will be no ugly sound that can scare your dog.


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Best dog raincoats CiuCiu decided to recreate old jeans to dog harness. 

Love for jeans is timeless and we want to keep our jeans forever. Here is best way to do it. We transformed unused jeans to most gorgeous and unique Scottish dog harness, that are soft and comfy, good looking and elegant. 

Scottish dog clothes will be great accent during holidays, birthday parties, dog photoshoots, family photoshoots, westie walks, dog meets.

Royal Stewart red plaid fabric is very popular among Scottish dog breed owners. And even more before Christmas.